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People around the world have become increasingly more health conscious and socially aware over the past few years. Health has also become a much talked about subject at various forums. To decipher and demystify the health habits of the people living in the UAE, NMC Health Index was brought to life.

Having a healthy and active lifestyle is considered to be highly important by UAE residents and they perceive their health to have improved in the past few years. People’s perception about their wellbeing gets questioned when the numbers showcase a different picture of the UAE’s health scenario, where a considerable chunk of the population has been diagnosed with one or more non-communicable diseases, have a high BMI score, exercise less than once a week and smoke tobacco in varied forms.

Taking into account the significance of the crucial health issues in the UAE, NMC Healthcare - the UAE’s trusted healthcare partner since 40 years, conducted this study to better understand and tackle these concerns. NMC Health Index is an initiative aimed at driving the conversation about people’s health and well-being at a broader level.

The Index is a compilation of facts and figures that were computed by evaluating the physical, social and emotional factors of a person’s overall wellness. The insights that emerged from the study throw light on how healthy the UAE actually is.


The numbers shown on this website are indicative of the health and well-being of the people living in the UAE. The opinions and content in this website is for educational purposes only. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by your doctor. Please do not delay seeking medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment based on information contained in this website.